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Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
Now Open
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Are You Twisted Enough?
Twisted Testers Bundle
To celebrate our Grand Opening, we are offering an exclusively limited amount of Twisted Tester Bundles. The bundle includes all of the benefits and features already given to Twisted Testers with an additional first game experience voucher. Bundle and save today and get into our beta testing for our inaugural games "Vanished" and Digger's" this month!

First Access

Get FIRST notification and access to all of our rooms before we open them to the public.  Become a part of the experience itself with your feedback and review. 
Door opened ajar.

Beta Test

As we open up rooms, we'll invite you to join a group of Twisted Testers to beta test a game before opening it to the public.
Person in a gas mask.


Every Quarter, you may be randomly invited to join our Roundtable and become a part of the design for future games. Whether it's the storyline, theme, or puzzles, you become a part of Twisted Minds story.
Row of lit lightbulbs

Discounted Rates

Get the Twisted Tester discount for all of our future locations and games, for life! No matter what the room, no matter when, never pay full price.
10% written in chalk.

Excluse Twisted Gear

Get access to exclusive merch, available only to you, as a Twisted Tester. Plus, get an additional 15% OFF all Twisted Minds merchandise.
Crate with Fragile Stamp.
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